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To develop features of self-confidence, self reliance and self-discipline among the rural youth, especially pupils belonging to the deprived sections of the society so as to convert them into assets for the nation with high moral values, knowledge and physical fitness; and to make them responsible to the society by eliminating the darkness of ignorance in the light of learning.


To spread, nurture and proliferate qualitative and economical higher education in rural, under developed and educationally backward area (Chandauli) thereby uplifting all the sections of the society especially deprived sections like SCs/STs and women, so as to make them capable to keep pace with the mainstream in the present era of globalization.


  • To impart quality higher education to the students in this educationally backward district  with a purpose of their multidimensional development.
  • To promote better learning atmosphere with social, cultural & ethical values.
  • To encourage the nationality, communal harmony. mutual co-operation and secular feelings among the students of diverse section of society.
  • To provide better education to all destitute, deprived & of weaker sections of society for their societal empowerment at the least possible cost.